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[Extension of Nomination] KNU Global Summer School 2019
03/05/2019 GMT+7

Dear Partner, 

Greetings from Kyungpook National University! 

I’m really happy to work with you and hopefully we’ll be able to host your students in our wonderful summer school this year. 

Regarding KNU Global Summer School(KGSS) 2019,  

There is almost two weeks left to apply for KGSS 2019 and we would like to take this opportunity to let you know about all interested parties about this fantastic opportunity. KGSS is exciting three-week programme from July 1st to 19th 2019.

We extended all deadlines like below;  

Nomination Deadline : 10th May

Final application deadline : 17th May

Fee payment deadline : 20th May  

Please nominate your students via summer@gmail.com with student’s name/nationality/home university. Then I’ll send the nominees KNU online application ID and passcode. 


Regarding program fee, 

Total fee is USD 1250 but it’s only USD 950 for students from partner universities. 

If you send a group of student(more than 3 students), we can offer discount price to each student as USD 900.  

We would be grateful if you could forward the e-mail to any students interested in studying in KNU this summer. 

Thanks for your cooperation in advance!


Kind regards,


Ms.Hyunju Choi

International Program Manager
Office of International Office
Kyungpook National University
Khoa Hàn Quốc học - Faculty of Korean Studies - 한국학부
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